Massage is enjoyable. Possibly the single most pleasurable forms of therapy. Relaxes the body, soothes the soul and calms the troubled mind. Often considered an indulgence, but one that is easy to justify. It is harmless yet beneficial to the Body and Spirit.

               Namaste, Shelly

50360 Dingle Line
Aylmer, Ontario N5H 2R1

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 406
Aylmer, Ontario N5H 3E8

Aylmer Healing Waters Therapy Centre

At Aylmer Healing Waters, we want you to feel at home and enjoy your visit.

You will be greeted at the front door by our gnome garden on the left and our Zen garden, with its bubbling rock, on the right. Inside you can relax and unwind from the stresses of your busy schedule while you reap the benefits of your treatment.

Therapy is designed just for you. Take a little time for yourself. Any Body fits into relaxation. You can help your body to help itself, so come in... Pamper Yourself for your Health.


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